Malifaux 3rd Edition Launch Day

Looking to jump, run, swim, crawl, transpose, possess, or otherwise get into Malifaux 3rd edition? Come on down for a demo, some open play, and an Enforcer brawl! Whether your a returning player, long-time player, or just getting interested you'll be sure to be entertained.  Location113B Main St, Amesbury, MA 01913 Date Friday June 28th  Schedule … Continue reading Malifaux 3rd Edition Launch Day

Speckled Crawlers

It Gibbers! It Crawls! It Creeps! Coming to a tabletop near you the Speckled Crawlers are an upcoming release for the Gibbering Horde. These crazy looking lizard fish things are one of the two cheap swarmy options available to Gibbering Hordes players, giving them 2 Squads of 5 Models each for only 4 Scrip and … Continue reading Speckled Crawlers